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Client Profile

Our client is a Wisconsin-based interstate carrier who specializes in temperature-controlled freight throughout the Midwest, Great Plains, and East Coast.

Business Situation

The client was actively utilizing a multitude of external recruiting services along with dedicated internal staff. Despite these efforts, they struggled in recruiting six additional drivers to fill their last remaining trucks. With a goal of doubling their 35-truck fleet to 70 trucks within a 2-year period, recruitment and employment challenges were daunting, and achieving their growth-goal appeared bleak.


The client engaged MYCO as their sole recruitment firm for the current and anticipated commercial driving position vacancies. MYCO immediately began to study the market area, comparing it with the needs of the client, and reviewed the client’s previous recruitment strategies. Through comprehensive sourcing studies and utilizing a set of systematic processes, MYCO performed targeted recruiting, pre-qualification of candidates, application reviewing, and prospective employee interviews. MYCO followed this with exhaustive background checks, driving record reviews and drug testing, with the goal of thoroughly vetting the prospective employees.


In less than 18 months, MYCO successfully hired forty-two (42) new commercial drivers for their client, allowing for the client to substantially grow their fleet by 200%, while simultaneously increasing retention rates of those newly-hired drivers by 75% over the client’s previous hires.

Our client was extremely satisfied, leading to their solicitation of MYCO two years later to assist in hiring additional drivers. A similar campaign was initiated, placing 17 new drivers in the client’s empty trucks in less than 6 months. By making the choice in outsourcing recruitment responsibilities solely to MYCO, the client saved volumes of time, energy, money, and frustration…leading to a level of profitability never seen before by this freight carrier.

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