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Client Profile

The client is a part of a long history in truck drive-away and has positioned itself as the largest truck delivery company in America. This client specializes in transporting trucks and truck chassis from assembly plants and ports to dealerships and large transportation fleets throughout the United States and Canada.

Business Situation

Due to substantial heavy truck production level increases and the opening of a new assembly plant in Mexico, our client was faced with the inability to meet capacity demands to deliver trucks. This could have resulted in the shift of business from their company to other truck drive-away companies. The loss of revenue would have been devastating to our customer. To increase their ability to deliver trucks, our client needed to hire an additional two hundred (200) drivers in a six (6) month time period.


To achieve their goal, our client enlisted MYCO as their sole recruiting partner. MYCO's skilled team of recruiters are well- versed and knowledgeable in both vehicle assembly and transportation industries. Because of these skill sets, our team was able to implement a process to meet the challenging needs of our client. An in-depth pre-screening process was created to jumpstart the relationship with the driver candidates. MYCO assisted each applicant in completing and submitting the required documentation and the MYCO team validated all information before moving forward. As a final step before approval, the prospective driver was interviewed by a hiring manager in order to solidify that the candidate was a proper fit for all job duties. MYCO continued to communicate with each new hire leading up to their scheduled start date, arranging pre-employment DOT testing, registering air travel information, booking travel and preparing all candidates for their arrival at orientation class.


The client-driven process created by MYCO’s skilled team of recruiters resulted in, but was not limited to:

  • Over 200 drivers hired in a 3-month period (exceeding our client’s expectations)

  • 22 drivers hired in one week alone

  • Maintained a retention rate of the hired drivers of 75%

  • Enabled our client to meet their customer’s shipping needs  

  • Expanded our relationship with our client, resulting in a 10 year and counting partnership

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