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Client Profile

The client has a long history in logistics, and throughout the past forty (40) years has built their business to a point where they are one of the top five logistics providers in North America. Their operating locations span across this geography while providing “across the board” supply chain services. One of their key service offerings is dedicated transportation services to their customers.

Business Situation

Due to the tightening truck driver shortage and the extreme growth our client has experienced, they are constantly faced with the need for qualified class A and class B truck drivers. Our client continually faces hiring challenges where failure to provide qualified drivers could result in contractual financial penalties, loss of business, and/or regulatory fines and penalties. 


Typical challenges our client faces are: new and add-on business startups, seasonal volume spikes, unexpected location/business sector volume growth, and meeting driver turnover and/or attrition needs. Driver requirements vary by situation, but their needs may range from a single driver to several hundred.


To achieve their goal, our client enlisted MYCO as a preferred provider of leased driver labor. MYCO’s skilled team of recruiters are well-versed and knowledgeable in the transportation industry. Because of our vast skill sets, our team is well positioned to advertise, screen, qualify and hire skilled class A and class B drivers who meet our clients' qualifications. Depending upon the timing need, MYCO is able to recruit high caliber, qualified drivers who in most cases are currently working but are looking for the “right company” to align themselves with for a long lasting professional driving career.


The client-driven processes created by MYCO’s skilled team of recruiters has resulted in:

  • MYCO being recognized as the “go to” provider of choice by our client

  • MYCO recently being recognized as the only leased labor provider in our client's system to be 100% compliant relative to qualification files

  • Our client hiring 85% of their drivers from MYCO, due to the high quality of candidates

  • On average, MYCO typically has active driver searches going for this client in at least 10 markets 

  • On average, MYCO typically has thirty (30) leased drivers assigned to this client at any given time

  • Our efforts have enabled our client to grow and prosper  

  • Expanding our relationship with our client, which has led to a 10-year and counting partnership

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